Wednesday, September 3, 2008

la rentrée

Re-entry. I read an article the other day about the general malaise that France is experiencing this year as they return from vacation and get back to work. At one time, this would have seemed a foreign concept, perhaps there's something mystically French or European about this.

I would say it is the typical unknown of returning to a job after an extended break combined with the uncertainty of the current times. I know how they feel. After 6 months break, going back is a difficult, but necessary thing.

The stages of this break have been interesting. The first month was harried, move quick, do projects, work out. Mentally, I would go between relaxation and feeling like I threw something great away. I struck out with plans of networking, writing business plans and as I was getting these all fired up, it hit.

The need to actually slow down. So I did, and we went on an extended vacation. As I reached relaxation I started to have the feeling that when I do go back to work, it will be good. Satisfying, enjoyable work something useful, interesting and not weighed down with bureaucracy. I'll have a manager, team and company at large that is engaged and excited as well as exciting. Or, perhaps better, I'll be working on something that simply doesn't exist yet. The future is unclear, but exciting.

Over the end of the summer, the inevitable end quickened the pace. Colin and I set out on a guys trip to Yellowstone. What an incredible opportunity and experience to be able to spend quality time with my son while he still thinks I'm OK.

Which puts me here, I can feel it. It's time to return. I'm actually a bit anxious to return for a variety of reasons. But it can't happen too quickly. I need to find the right thing to do, and I need to be picky about who I work for and with. I'm hiring my next boss and I need to promise myself to look for and obey the red flags and run when appropriate.

Life is the most precious commodity you and I possess and it isn't meant for toiling for the man, it's meant for enjoyment, so a job should be no less than enjoyable, something that begs you to invest your time in it and provides rewards in satisfaction and occasionally even money.